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Dear Colleagues,


Health Personnel Solidarity Community Health and Environmental Protection Association (Sağlık-Der), the solidarity of health professionals, with the aim of a healthy society was founded by Dr. Ahmet Fevzi  İNCEÖZ and his colleagues in 1991, in Ankara. Our Association has produced many health care projects since 1990s, starting with the family medicine project and general health insurance which are implemented by the government today. More than 20 deputies, ministers, trade union and confederation heads have been elected from the members of our Association to this date. Our founder's president has made the biggest step towards a smokeless society with his work in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The law he proposed was enacted.


Sağlık-Der  founded in 1991 and Health Minister Ahmet DEMİRCAN MD. is the among the founders. Our association is founding and noble member of the World Muslim Health Union which is created by 130 non-government organizations from 70 countries.General president of Sağlık-Der , Kasım SEZEN MD. is still the General Secretary of this union.

The World Muslim Health Communities Congress, sponsored by the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Turkish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, was successfully completed in Istanbul on 2-4 December 2016 and pioneered the establishment of the World Islamic Health Association.


In general our targets are to create health and social security policies, to provide scholarships to students in health education field, to meet the needs of housing and to develop projects related to the students, to carry out domestic and foreign medical aid activities, training domestic and foreign health personnel and to carry out these activities and to establish domestic and foreign representative offices.


We organize the "4th INTERNATIONAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT CONGRESS" in Antalya between 14-18 February 2018 with the support of the Ministry of Health and Saglik-Sen Strategic Research Centre and as Sağlık-Der we aim to support the studies and reforms that our country has carried out in health sector.


Topics of increasing importance such as quality, accreditation, risk and performance management in health services have started to come to the forefront with the opening of health service provision  for private sector and the autonomousization of public hospitals in our country.


We are witnessing a change that encompasses all sides and interests, and we believe that in our country, health care delivery has made important assignments for all of us in a way that conforms to the requirements of the times.


Our aim at the 4th Healthcare Management Congress is to contribute to the new Turkey's health vision and to bring the participants together in well-informed discussions by bringing together local and foreign health managers, academicians, non-governmental organizations and policy makers in a wide range around well-defined topics and by creating a common understanding and language unity in the field of health in the coming years with the moto, New Turkey, Strong Turkey.


Inn the light of these thoughts; We look forward to seeing you among us at the 4th INTERNATIONAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT CONGRESS to be held in Antalya between 14-18 February 2018 and we look forward to your valuable contributions and participation.



Yours Sincerely,


Prof. Doğan ÜNAL 

Health Sciences University 

Ankara Oncology Hospital Urology Department

Congress President  


Sağlık – Sen


Congress President


Sağlık – Der


Congress President



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